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Five ways to make your wedding cake earn its keep

Jul 11, 2022

Why a cake plan is a good idea

One of the most heartbreaking anecdotes I once heard from a central London venue was that they routinely threw WHOLE UN-CUT TIERS of cake into the bin at the end of the night. I shudder at the thought of the utter waste, but also is that what the couple would have wanted?? I doubt it! That tier alone might have cost upwards of £400. There are so many great ways to make your cake go further, save you money and extend the delicious joy of your investment. Let’s look at five ways to make your wedding cake earn its keep…

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I supply all my wedding cakes with the legally required full set of ingredients and highlighted allergens, along with detailed cutting instructions AND any instructions from the couple as to how they would like their cake ‘put to work’. Want to learn five ways to make your wedding cake earn its keep? Here are my top five suggestions;


Let’s start with the basics. Cake freezes brilliantly. In fact it has been argued that cake tastes even better on defrosting… something to do with the ice crystals releasing extra moisture…. Ask your caterer to wrap any leftovers and entrust a guest to take them home at the end of the wedding and pop in their freezer until you have decided when to eat it.



My Mum always snuck me a slice of cake home from parties she went to without me and I loved waking up to a sweet treat the morning after. Legitimise the cake theft with beautiful takeaway boxes for your guests to fill as they leave. Then who needs extra wedding favours?



A popular option if you don’t think you need cake AND dessert. A good cake designer will advise you on how to accurately portion up their cakes and pair their flavours with accompaniments such as berries and pouring cream. You will need a slightly larger volume of cake for this option, but it still makes a decent saving.



Take inspiration from the old tradition to save a tier of cake for a future milestone celebration but ditch the formalities. Save to enjoy with friends the day after, as something to look forward to post-honeymoon or as a decadent first married breakfast!



If you have invested hundreds of pounds in bespoke cake toppers or sugar flowers make a plan to keep and display them. Carefully handled and stored they will last for years, ideally under glass to keep them dust-free. Pop in a discreet silicone gel sachet to absorb any moisture.


Ask your cake designer to write your ‘cake plan’ into the instructions they leave with your cake at the venue when they deliver. Your caterers will be grateful for the clear directions and your tummy will be grateful if it gets to enjoy your cake beyond your wedding day!

If you’d like to learn more about making the most of your wedding cake, get in touch to find out how I can help.

About the author…

Hi! I’m Claire. I’m a cake designer with a background in the arts and a love of all things design-led.

I create bespoke wedding cakes for couples who want a unique edible centrepiece for their big day.

I bake from my home kitchen in a beautiful converted Victorian School in West Sussex and deliver my cakes to be enjoyed and devoured at weddings and parties across the South East and London.