Wedding Cake Inspiration

Dec 11, 2023

My couples come to me on a sliding scale: those armed with scrapbooks, fabric swatches and Pinterest Boards and those with…. literally nothing.  All are totally fine! Working out the size of cake you want, flavour options – well, they are easy Googles. But if you don’t even know what style of wedding cake you’re after and how it will fit in with the design of the rest of your celebration, then this is where a cake designer comes into their own.


Compiling a Pinterest board for your cake designer

More about this in a future blog post, but in broad terms, whilst the odd cake inspo image from other designers can be helpful, what we are really looking for are visuals that give us a vibe for your whole wedding – a sense of who you both are.  Flowers, outfits, table settings are a good starting point but if you want a really unique, bespoke cake, think outside the box and find images that go beyond ‘wedding’ – architecture, graphic design, nature…


Inspiration for bespoke cakes

1. Culture

If you want to celebrate your culture, your cake is the most creative place to do this.  After you and your partner – naturally! – it often receives the greatest focussed attention of any element of your wedding, so can be a wonderful way to express your family’s heritage.  I made an all-red cake in 2022 which celebrated the bride’s father’s Chinese heritage, incorporating the traditional symbolism of the Chinese dragon and phoenix.  Some of my favourite cakes have been inspired by bold and bright Ghanaian kente cloth designs and another bride asked me to take gold design details from her wedding saree and recreate them as a detailed patterning across the cake.

Red and gold Chinese wedding cake sketch by Claire Owen Cakes

2. Architecture

It can be all too easy to envisage your beautiful cake in isolation and forget the space it will occupy.  A 1,000 year old castle might suit the romance of a floral cake covered in blowsy fresh flowers, a contemporary glass-clad  city hotel might suit a more modern silhouette with sculptural, geometric wafer- paper design – but perhaps not vice-versa.  In an architecturally showstopping space go one step further and incorporate design elements into the cake.  Elaborate plaster cornices, filigree fretwork, art deco facades – all cry out to be caked!

3. Colour

Long gone are the days (thank goodness) – when wedding themes were restricted to colour schemes! Buuuut, if you are planning to really wow with your colour, then bringing this into the cake can still be enough to lead the design concept.  A strong orange, black or even all metallic – a gold cake! – would all create an unexpectedly striking centrepiece.

4. You!

Bringing who YOU are as a couple are in to the cake design will really bring the magic. I designed a constellation cake for my bride who was a Professor of Astronomy, a handpainted watercolour lilypond lake on a tier for a couple marrying in the stunning childhood garden of the groom – and even (nerve-wrackingly!) recreated a sculptor’s artwork across the surface of another!

This is absolutely not about trying to shoehorn every aspect of your personality and hobbies into one towering monolith, quite the opposite.  But I DO believe that good cake designers can bring uniqueness and a bespoke touch into a wedding cake design with elegance, sophistication and beauty and it is this skill-set is what makes us more than worth the investment.  Coming up in 2024 I have wedding cakes inspired by Lord of the Rings, Monty Python, and the Colosseum in Rome – and I can promise they will all be elegant, unexpected and unique centrepieces – and absolutely NOT novelty!

If you’d like to learn more about getting inspiration for your wedding cake, get in touch to find out how I can help.


About the author…

Hi! I’m Claire. I’m a cake designer with a background in the arts and a love of all things design-led.

I create bespoke wedding cakes for couples who want a unique edible centrepiece for their big day.

I bake from my home kitchen in a beautiful converted Victorian School in West Sussex and deliver my cakes to be enjoyed and devoured at weddings and parties across the South East and London.